#HelloMyNameIs Kate

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Hi, my name is Kate Palmer and I have a background in teaching and community work. I am currently in my final year of the mental health nursing degree at the University of Bradford, with an interest in recovery-oriented practice and psychological and creative therapies.
My interest in ‘Let’s Talk Death’ comes from being moved to explore questions, thoughts and feelings around death and dying. Death is a part of life, so why is it so difficult to talk about? In the struggle to make sense of and meaning from our experience, how do we relate to our beliefs about death, ourselves and each other? How we can acknowledge and connect through our shared experience of loss and how we can gain strength and rise from crippling grief with insight and hope?
The idea of a Death Café appeals as a safe, gentle space to talk about whatever we want about death and dying. It’s about being part of a conversation, where it’s perfectly ok to sit, listen and reflect over a brew and cake. I like how the conversation moves around subjects; about arranging a funeral, showing a photograph of a loved one, a funny story at a funeral, an aspect of grief. I like to talk about death as an important part of life and that’s why I am involved in ‘Let’s Talk Death’.

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